Dec 11

All of our team were to blind to recognize this feature – Pin Tab. Here is the scenario. You run your fast test suite locally. You have a couple of failed tests. You pick the first one, fix it, and run this test only to get fastest feedback. Stop. Now the results of your first run are gone, overwritten by the second run. Which other tests did fail? I can’t remember. We were looking for similar to the find dialog open in new tab. Couldn’t find it, a workaround was to copy/paste the result. Today I wanted to create a feature request. While I’m thinking about what I would expect I opened my IntelliJ IDEA and there it was: Pin Tab!

If you want to keep a result just press the pin at the left site. Now this tab is pinned. If you run another set of tests your previous result will remain. Cool. How could I overlooked it for so long?

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