Dec 11

All of our team were to blind to recognize this feature – Pin Tab. Here is the scenario. You run your fast test suite locally. You have a couple of failed tests. You pick the first one, fix it, and run this test only to get fastest feedback. Stop. Now the results of your first run are gone, overwritten by the second run. Which other tests did fail? I can’t remember. We were looking for similar to the find dialog open in new tab. Couldn’t find it, a workaround was to copy/paste the result. Today I wanted to create a feature request. While I’m thinking about what I would expect I opened my IntelliJ IDEA and there it was: Pin Tab!

If you want to keep a result just press the pin at the left site. Now this tab is pinned. If you run another set of tests your previous result will remain. Cool. How could I overlooked it for so long?

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Sep 15

Do you use Drools, a very popular rule engine? Do you use IntelliJ IDEA? Then this post might be interesting for you!

update: Since IDEA 12 there is built-in Drools support

Peter Gromov showed me the power of custom file types. Another secret I discovered in the world’s greatest Java IDE.

I followed his advice and created a custom file type for DRL files.

Nice, isn’t it? Besides the coloring you get:

  • basic code completion (all configured keywords)
  • support braces, brackets, parens, string escapes
  • 4 different keyword sets (4 different colorings)
  • Comment/Uncomment lines (Mac: Command-/)
  • Block-Comment/Uncomment (Mac: Control-?)

You can easily import this IDEA drl file type with File > Import Settings... I didn’t tried to import them, so back up your settings please.

You want more? Go and vote for IDEA-24348.

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Mar 27

Today a peer has presented some code at the projector. The font size was to small for most of us.


Luckily at our company we have Intellij IDEA.

A great feature: Just press Ctrl and turn your mouse wheel towards you and… yes the font of the current file increases.

Then he switched to another file. Mmh, there was the small font again.

A rocking feature to address this issue: Ctrl + Backquote or View > Quick Switch Scheme.

Beforehand, define a second color scheme presentation (Settings > Editor > Colors & Fonts). Set a font size of e.g. 24 points.

If you held a presentation at a projector just do a Quick Switch Scheme. Press 1 (Switch Color Scheme). Next, select presentation and here we go:


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Mar 22

My IDE has a build-in history. Nevertheless I often use a “real” version control system for my sample projects. Today I setup a local subversion repository:

Install it: sudo apt-get install subversion

Create the repo: svnadmin create ~/svn

Tell your IDE where to find the repo: file:///home/struggy/svn

Connect your project and you are done.

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Feb 22

On my Ubuntu I’m facing this JVM Bug which suddenly freezes the keyboard of IDEA. Now I’m trying Anils suggestion. Therefore I need to install a Java 7 snapshot:

  1. download self-extracting binary file of java 7 snapshot
  2. run chmod +x jdk-7-ea-bin-b48-linux-i586-19_feb_2009.bin to make it executable
  3. run ./jdk-7-ea-bin-b48-linux-i586-19_feb_2009.bin to extract the archive
  4. run sudo mv ./jdk1.7.0 /usr/lib/jvm to move it to the other JVMs
  5. run update-alternatives --config java to check how many JVMs you already installed
  6. run sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/java java /usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.7.0/jre/bin/java 3
    I got 2 installations, so I need to specify a 3
  7. run sudo update-alternatives --config java to chance your java version.
  8. run java -version to validate everything is fine

To tell IDEA 8.1 to run with Java 7 you need to add in idea.vmoptions.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that this will fix that problem;)

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Feb 22

Hi there!

One aspect of TDD is go step by step and keep the focus. If you follow the Boy Scout Rule and have a common project it is easy to lost that focus. Like Kent Beck teaches us in Test Driven Development it is good to use a Test List. Normally a pen and a paper is enough. I like to have it integrated into my IDE. Fortunately Sergiy have had that same wish and wrote the Tasks-Plugin for IDEA. Great.

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