Oct 09

The Problem
The project structuring of SoapUI (not the Pro version) is limited. When you use the maven-soapui-plugin to automate your tests, you will define multiple plugins – each pointing to a different project file. Your pom.xml will be messed up with sequences like these:


The Solution
The solution is very simple. Instead of executing your functional tests with maven just run them from your unit testing framework:

  public void test_bkr() throws Exception {
    SoapUITestCaseRunner runner = new SoapUITestCaseRunner();

Now you have full flexibility of how to organize your tests:

  • package structure
  • test-class name
  • test-method name
  • test-groups (TestNG)
  • ..

I want to test external services that are already running. If you want to test your own services you have to start-up and tear-down jetty. Either you try to use @Before.. and @After.. annotations or you bind your tests to maven’s integration-test and use pre-integration and post-integration for that.

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